Brewery beer club is located in Tallinn’s Old Town at Pikk street 1. It used to be a Pearl complex but now it has been going through a renovation in which there are side by side ancient architecture and modern design. Brewery offers 47 different types of beer, seven of them are draft beers and five of them are brewed in our own house’s brewing factory. Our cuisine is a combination of different meals and food cultures all over the world. All foods are made to go together with offered beers and also with wines for our wine friends. Beer is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Our prices are in the middle class, we are cozy and we go through two floor. In the basement there are red wooden tables, long and massive benches, arched ceiling which are decorated with design lamps. All the basement together can hold seventy people at ease. Down here is a little Wine Shop what offers you a variety of almost a hundred differentf ine quality wines time quality wines. On the upper floor we greet you with soft lounge furniture together with red wooden tables from Africa. It holds about fifty people freely.

Brewery is not only club and a lounge. It is also a place of culture where you can between the delightful dishes and fresh beer also listen to enjoyable jazz and blues. There are two halls at your disposal: Ground floor that holds about fifty people and downstairs there is a cozy basement that holds seventy people at ease.